Autografo di Napoleone Bonaparte Atto di Clemenza con Firme Multiple

Autografo Napoleone Bonaparte Atto di Clemenza con Firme Multiple

Extremely rare Act of Clemency by Napoleon Bonaparte, Emperor of the French, towards Jean Etienne Lacombe de St. Etienne, Helmsman and Sergeant Major of the 43rd Battalion of the Flotilla, written on valuable parchment of important dimensions (57 x 44,5 cm)

Lacombe de St. Etienne was sentenced in 1810 to 5 years of irons (very hard forced labor) for the crime of forgery, to be served at the Penal Baths of Brest, and therefore asked the Emperor for pardon so that his sentence could be alleviated or forgiven.

On April 26, 1812, a private council met in the Palace of St. Cloud in the presence of the Emperor Napoleon Bonaparte where the Archchancellor of the Empire Jean Jacques Regis de Cambaceres participated, among other very important offices of the Empire. Judge and Minister of Justice The Duke of Massa Felice Baciocchi, and the Minister Secretary of State Count Daru.
The council decrees to grant pardon to Lacombe, to whom the years of sentence still to be served are forgiven.
The parchment was then sent to the President of the Imperial Court of Rennes on May 27, 1812 to carry out his release.

In addition to the beautiful NAP signature with paraph (which the Emperor reserved for the most important documents), we can also find three other very important autographs, respectively by Felice Baciocchi (Duke of Massa), Jean Jacques de Cambaceres and Count Pierre Daru.

On the back of the parchment there can be found two regests of classification.

The act is enhanced by a wonderful embossed stamp of the Emperor Napoleon Bonaparte, depicting the French Imperial Eagle surmounted by an Imperial Crown with the words "L'Impereur des Francaises".

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Codice autografo: SF101-1120

Data autografo: 27/5/1812

Pagine: 2

Pagine manoscritte: 2

Condizioni: Ottime

Dimensioni: 44.5x57 cm

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